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Senior Software Engineer (Elixir)

A Remote Senior Software Engineer (Elixir) at PSPDFKit

Join the team working on a document-oriented collaboration platform and document processing service. Help us build the tools to empower engineers that build great products.

We’re hiring a Senior Software Engineer to join the team working on backend services that power our SDKs. We're building a document-focused collaboration platform and document processing service with challenging performance-related problems to solve.

We build SaaS products, as well as software that is run by our customers on premises. We use the Elixir programming language with the Phoenix framework. This position has direct involvement into the design, architecture and development of all our customer-facing backend products.

You will:

  • Work as part of a small, driven team that builds new features and fixes existing issues on a regular schedule.
  • Ship code to our customers daily and take ownership of your work from development to production.
  • Contribute to the roadmap and make product and architectural decisions that will impact thousands of products for years.
  • Write readable and well-documented code with meaningful tests so that we can ship frequently without fear.
  • Take the time to do things correctly instead of coming up with quick fixes.
  • Collaborate with the entire company (Android, iOS, Windows, Core, Support, Design, Marketing, and Sales) using Slack, Basecamp, GitHub, and Zoom.
  • Support our customers in integrating our products, help them debug and fix issues, and collaborate with them to understand their requirements for our products.
  • Manage your work by setting your own goals, prioritizing and executing them, and ultimately taking ownership of tasks and projects.

You should:

  • Have experience with designing and building web services running in the cloud environment.
  • Be familiar with the web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, WebSockets, cookies).
  • Be familiar with relational databases, SQL patterns, and basic query optimization techniques.
  • Be familiar with Docker containers and serverless approach to running and operating services (e.g. Kubernetes, AWS ECS, Google Cloud Run, or similar).
  • Have at least 3 years of experience in the industry.
  • Have a breadth-first approach to software engineering, looking outside your comfort zone to learn what’s needed to do your best work.
  • Have a strong interest in designing and maintaining a set of cohesive public APIs, always striving for simplicity and composability.
  • Have good communication skills and enjoy working with a passionate team, while understanding the challenges of working on a distributed team.
  • Have a well-rounded approach to problem solving, and understand the difference between when to apply a fix and when to refactor to remove a specific class of bugs.
  • Understand the value of changes in the larger context of the business and the product’s customer.

Please note that you can be a perfect fit even if not everything we’ve outlined above applies to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We offer:

  • A remote-first focus that allows you to set up working hours that best fit your daily routine.
  • A family-friendly work environment.
  • Room for personal and professional development through the encouragement of learning and experimenting.
  • The time to help you improve upon your personal goals (through regular 1on1s and mentoring).
  • Two planned company events during the year (for example, in Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Vienna) - currently suspended because of COVID-19.
  • Working with a motivated team that enables you to do your best.
  • A generous vacation policy of five weeks, plus an additional allowance for conferences.
  • A comprehensive onboarding process to get you up to speed.

Be careful
Never provide your bank or credit card details when applying for a job.


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