About 99 Remote Jobs

Remote jobs only

99 Remote Jobs is a job board focused on listings offering work from home. We strive to be a go-to spot on the Internet when people are looking for remote jobs. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, that broke out in 2020, it became clear that both the demand and offering of remote work is growing extremely fast and will only keep expanding. That's why we decided to build a job board that will help spread remote work opportunities to our communities at SaaSHub & LibHunt.

Reach 950k+ professionals

In addition to 99remotejobs.com, job listings will be featured on SaaSHub and all the sites of the LibHunt network. That's more than 950,000+ professionals per month.

Affordable - FREE

We believe that it is better to promote more job offers at a lower price rather than a few costing several hundred dollars each. That benefits both our users and companies recruiting new talent alike.

All job listings are FREE as of now. We may introduce some paid-highlighting options in the future.


Job offers will be active for up to 90 days. 30 days initiallly with the option to extend the period two times by one month, if you have not found a candidate.

You need to have the full job description posted on your company website or another recruitment platform. We will be sending potential candidates to that page.

RSS & Email subscriptions

All job listings will be dissminated through RSS and daily and weekly email notifications.